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We are a small, trusted, skilled team. We work with brilliant and exciting people and organisations to help them succeed. Our varied work sees us take on the role of consultant, policy advisor, or investor across industries, markets and governments.

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Fuelling high growth businesses




We help businesses. We identify growth strategies and support their implementation. Our broad skills and contact network enables us to work on a wide range of businesses in the best way for that business.


"Cleevely and Partners were able to quickly assimilate what is a very technical business in a wildly idiosyncratic business area. Without that level of comprehension of our business advisers would be of little practical use. Cleevely and Partners helped us build our business; introduced additional potential partners; and conducted key negotiations on our behalf.

On June 3rd 2016 at 20:15 we finally sold our baby. We were three weeks late on our overall schedule, but not a penny short of our target. We'd highly recommend Cleevely and Partners. I'm considering engaging them to buy my next car for me."


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charity & policy





Our team works connecting policy makers with scientist and world experts, informing government policy, and bringing digital technologies into the hands of everyone.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Policy

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Centre for science and policy

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Startups & scaleups



We invest in businesses with global potential with technologies, strategies or products that are world leading. Our investment successes range from award winning restaurant Bocca di Lupo to $Bn global life sciences company AbCam plc.

We advise and invest in disruptive technology companies.

Our goal is to help brilliant people: From providing advice to would-be entrepreneurs to managing and negotiating exits.

Our investments include...